Wraparound charges

Hourly rate         £6.00

Half-hourly rate  £3.00  (typically used for breakfast and late tea)

Opening times

8am-6pm            Monday to Friday

Holiday Club

9am-4pm            Monday to Friday

(Changeable depending on parent need - assessed during September admission)

The 30 hour offer is now available within our nursrey setting.  Our children can access an extra 15 hours outside of their nursery times between 8.30-3.30 Monday to Friday.  Parents will need to ascertain eligiblity by visiting

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Creating strong and lasting foundations FOR learning


Our children's little bit of home from home.  In wraparound our children cook, bake, plant and go out into our community for walks. Mrs Robinson and Miss Lisle ensure that children's interests are met as well as linking the learning in with focus in the classroom.