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*  30 hours of childcare for 3 and 4 year olds. Parents must register with Childcare Choices the term before they want to access the 30 hours, so apply now for January 2018.  Check you’re eligible at

*  Parents...... Make sure your details are up to date. You need to do this every three months at

*  Parents.....To keep your 30 hours childcare place next term, make sure your details are up to date

30 hour flyer

Eligibility Checking

The following diagram highlights the process of confirming eligibility and validating a 30 hours eligibility code. For further information please contact the school office on 0191 200 5438.


Important information for  families who want claim the 30 hour entitlement from September 2017

Families Should Register NOW for the 30 Hours Early Education Entitlement (Eligible 3 and 4 Year Olds) 
Families should register for the 30 hoursat the earliest opportunity The Government have confirmed that families who want the 30 hour entitlement in the Autumn 2017 term must have registered with the Childcare Choices website before September 2017. 
Families must register with Childcare Choices in the term before they want to take their 30 hour entitlement.    
Families who register in September / October/ November or December 2017 will not be able to access their entitlement until January 2018. 
The following documents are attached for information:

Eligibility criteria for the 30 hour entitlement 

Information about the 30 hour entitlement / childcare choices

If you require additional information please email

30_hours_free_childcare.pdf                                                    Information Sheet - England.pdf

Childcare Choices- Supporting families with childcare costs

Sir James Knott Nursery School will be offering parents who are eligible up to 30 hours of childcare provision and tax free childcare options.

Please refer to briefing presentation below for further information on tax free and 30 hours of childcare provision.

Tax Free Childcare and 30 Hours Briefing for Parents.pdf

​​​For further information click below

Childcare choices website